There is so much more to everything than what’s on the surface.

The ocean surrounded me with hope for life when I was hurt and feeling lost in my early 30s. The Manta Rays healed my soul from pain and anguish and ever since I feel an “undepletable” sense of reciprocity to help and preserve their home.

The ocean helped me and it’s my turn to help the ocean and all its creatures. I’ve devoted my life to preserving the livelihood of a mysterious, yet beautiful gentle giant of the sea so they can continue to blossom and transform thousands that visit them each year.


Since 1998, the Manta Ray’s have helped me through feelings of deep sorrow and grief. I went through hell after the loss of my husband to Leukemia at only 29 years old. Cancer hit again in 2013, this time I had to go through treatment. During both emotional times, the ocean and the Manta Rays carried me towards healing. My hope is that you find peace and harmony in your life too, regardless of the situation. Even if you never make it to see the Manta Ray, know that any aspect of nature will bring you the same healing touch in your life.

I traveled to Hawaii searching for answers and understanding. What I found was my purpose and the deepest meaning to life.


The Mission

Inspire, educate and transform public consciousness with stunning ocean life video and photography.

I want to inspire you.

I want to educate you.

I want to preserve and protect the ocean and all its creatures.

I want you to make a difference in your own life.


…about life, myself, the ocean blue and building a business.



It wasn’t until I met the Manta Rays that I truly felt at home with myself.
I prefer to stand my ground instead of going in and out with the tide. After people get to know me, they appreciate my consistency and dependability. For me, it’s reassurance that authenticity is the right path.
It’s the only way to go.



When a wave knocks you down,
you must get back up.

As a female immigrant in an industry dominated by men, resilience is a must. Actually, resilience is my middle name. I’m not only a cancer survivor, I thrive because of it. I now know what I’m capable of overcoming and I trust myself more than ever. I’m a strong, kind, direct, loving female that will never give up.



My “Dolphin Rescue Hawaii” video has been viewed more than 25 million times on YouTube.
It’s a story about an innocent dolphin who gets his fin entrangled by fishing line and can’t free himself. The video tells an inspiring encounter of humans rescuing “Notch” from man-made ocean debris. This never before seen footage is sending a powerful message of inspiration around the world.



“Our heart’s meaning is about giving.”
My family life has taught me kindness to the core. As a child, my father was disabled and only had one leg. I grew up in a loving home despite the challenges. I strive to live with a kind heart full of passion and a quiet presence every day. I value relationships and believe that kindness should never be taken for granted. It’s my soft, gentler side that allows me to connect with you.



Martina S. Wing boats at work-2

In Scottish, the name Rae means grace. For me, R.A.E. has multiple meanings. One, the Manta Ray’s (Rae)… Haha, play on words. Two, it means grace and the Mantas have shown me grace at every swim for almost 2 decades. Three, someone once told me that I have the “Gifts of R.A.E.

Let me explain…

R: Rational

A: Analytical

E: Emotional

Rational: I am a rational thinker which makes me practical and productive.

Analytical: I analyze constantly what is or isn’t working. I create solutions and solve problems.

Emotional: I nurture and relate with empathy. As a woman my emotional side is what keeps me connected physically, mentally and spiritually.

All these qualities make me who I am. I’m proud of who I’ve become and I want the same for you. As humans we can and must improve, harmonize between land and sea and make a difference for generations to come.



As the co-founder of “Hawaii Ocean Watch”, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and co-owner of Manta Ray Advocates, I’ve experienced the ups, downs, joys and failures which have brought me to where I am today. I know that with my personality, skills, and passion we can preserve and protect our ocean. With your help, we can educate diving and snorkeling tourists to responsibly and sustainably interact with marine life.

You can learn more about Manta Rays in Hawaii and the Experience HERE.

Thank you for being kind to animals, treating our environment with respect and creating your own happy endings with love and gratitude. I believe in you and I’d love to meet you in Hawaii to experience the bliss of being with the Manta Rays.

Warmest Aloha,

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