Imagine spending the next several hours feeling cool, salty water sweep over you as you swim through open-ocean, and this isn’t your first time. You are one of 6 people to ever swim the Ocean 7.

The toughest 7 ocean swims in the world, – the English Channel, – the Strait of Gibraltar, – Catalina Channel, – Cook Strait, – Molokai Strait, – North Channel, and – Tsugaru Channel. This is the real-life experience of Adam Walker.

Adam Walker is one of 6 people to ever complete the Ocean 7 and the first British person. He is one of 2 only who did all 7 without any failed attempts (btw he also did a 2 way Gibraltar straits), and he came to visit us! Adam joined the French Production Company MC4, Director John Jackson and Assistant Keir Byatt as we explored Manta Rays! The MC4 crew had seen my viral Dolphin Rescue video, circa 2013, and they felt compelled to interview me!!


I’m honored to have been filmed under water by world renowned videographer Roberto Rinaldi for a series international shows that will air in December 2015! In France the special “Thalassa” and in Canada “Nature of Things with David Suzuki” will center on “Dolphin Intelligence”, these specials will highlight 25 human encounter with dolphins.

Adam shared with us his unforgettable interaction with dolphins (and I am sharing it with you). In April of 2014, Adam was swimming New Zealands’ Cook Strait.

After several hours of swimming he peered down, only to realize that there was a great white shark beneath him. Adam, naturally, was concerned about the sharks close proximity, when suddenly a pod of dolphins surrounded him. Over the next hour the dolphins accompanied Adam on his swim through Cook Strait, at points getting so close that they made it difficult to swim. “I’d like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home!” he posted on Facebook. “This swim will stay with me forever.”

We had the privilege of escorting Adam Walker and the MC4 crew on the Manta Experience with Big Island Divers, we shared my love for Manta Rays and how they have changed my life so many years ago, and still today.

Stay tuned for updates and enjoy the short video we made for Adam Walker.
It was inspiring to meet a fellow ocean lover and advocate!!

Aloha, Martina!
Manta Ray Advocate

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