HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Manta Ray Advocates!

Just a few minutes ago, we launched our Advent Calendar on our Facebook page.
This is your invitation and we hope you will enjoy 24 days of cool Manta Ray education with videos, memes, graphics and story telling.
The first day starts with a BANG; it is a hilarious bloopers video where divers and snorkelers get touched or sometimes “slapped” around by the mantas. A MUST-SEE!

Update about Waimanu, the Hawaiian Monk Seal that visited us a few months ago during the Manta Ray Experience.
Remember? But if not click here to see the encounter.

She was pregnant at the time, and had her baby just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately we got word last night that the pup was found dead.

Here is some more info from the Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program:
“A young male pup that was born earlier this month was found dead on Thanksgiving morning. We have completed a necropsy, and though we are still awaiting lab results, there were no signs of severe trauma or indications of disease. We will be more definitive when the final results come in but as of now this looks like natural causes. We will keep you up to date as we learn more…”

Last but not least:
We just got re-invited to join the Waimea Ocean Film Festival 2016. We showed our Dolphin Rescue Hawaii video there last January.

This awe-inspiring and beautiful message continues to go around the world. As of yesterday, 23 Mill hits on YouTube (with re-loads).
How cool is that!
If you have not seen it, click here to enjoy the awe-inspiring and beautiful rescue in its entirety.

With Aloha and Happy Holidays!
Martina, Jim and Ryan

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