Aloha and Happy New Year 2015!
Today is a special day: it is the 2-year anniversary of “Dolphin Rescue Hawaii”, the rare video I shot of a wild Bottlenose Dolphin being rescued from fishing line entanglement  (January 11, 2013).  It happened during the Manta Ray Experience and it was an incredible moment: truly breath-taking, inspiring and providing the message the world needs!

The days and weeks after the video went viral were incredible. I got calls
from CNN, CBS, Good Morning America, FoxNews, ABC with Diane Sawyer, WDR, RTL,
Westdeutsche Zeitung, Tagesschau/Nachtmagazin etc and also interviewed with the BBC Breakfast TV via skype. These were exciting times, which continued when the
BBC “Inside the animals mind”, National Geographic “Animals gone wild”, MINA TV
“Die tierischen Zehn” und Globo TV (Brazil) “Fantastico” integrated the film
into their productions. Two other you tube channels reloaded my original
dolphin rescue video, and together we have over 15 Million hits. We
received thousands of comments and emails. A true testament to the uniqueness of
the subject matter. It is also very unusual for a clip this long to accumulate
so many views.

The most common question we received was, “Is the dolphin okay?”

Amazingly, our very own E. Ryan Leinbach encountered the Bottlenose dolphin again and today on the two-year anniversary of the rescue, our team is very excited to present: Dolphin Rescue Hawaii – Update: A Chance Encounter. A MUST SEE!

It was on March 30, 2014 around 11AM, when Ryan encountered Notch about 2-3 miles off shore in “blue water”, meaning the ocean is just blue and several hundred meters deep. She was scanning the surface for something exciting to see, and when she discovered several dolphins, her group of snorkelers glided into the water to check it out. Notch came over to the group and was making whistling and clicking noises. After he checked everything, he went back to his original doings of courtship behavior with a female. We can conclude that Notch is not just okay, he is actually thriving and making more little dolphins. How cool is that?
From a humanized perspective, you might think that Notch was happy to see humans, but from a natural stand-point (and I prefer the down-to-earth approach) you can suggest that Notch was just verifying that the creatures entering his neighborhood were not a threat or something to be concerned with.

Although, both Ryan and myself have several thousands hours swimming and filming dolphins on the Kona Coast, we both have never seen this particular behavior when Notch went spiraling into the deep blue, came straight back to the surface and swam around the humans. It is very rare footage and supports the theory that he was a “happy camper”.
Well, who really knows , but we make people think, right?

At the beginning of this year (Jan 1 until 9) we joined the local “Waimea
Ocean Film Festival” on the Big Island. We submitted the full story of Notch:
before the rescue; the actual rescue and the re-union. The screenings with live
Q&A were a big success.
Here is a beautiful story from one event: A gentleman walked up to me and told me that he was with me on the boat when the Dolphin Rescue took place. We traveled back together to the harbor. I was on such an adrenaline high, saying things like “this video will go viral” or “millions of people will see this“.
The guy, Dave, thought I was a total nutcase for saying that stuff. He thought I was some crazy lady LOL…but here we go…15 Mil hits on YouTube and counting.

The Waimea Ocean Festival edit/story is available to everyone, as we offer
the HD download for ONLY $5. YES, no kidding ONLY $5. The contributions will help us to continue our Manta Ray advocacy and ocean education.

On a personal note: The last two years were a whirlwind for many other reasons. In the summer of 2013, I unfortunately (or fortunately) was diagnosed with breast cancer, so for a while my work had to be 2nd priority. The final steps to recovery were taken a few months ago (September 2014), and I can only say, everything is fine! I am not only a cancer survivor, I am a cancer thriver.
The BC diagnosis actually fueled me even more to continue my ocean advocacy and education for Manta Rays and marine life, as it is my true love and passion. I am in the right place and can apply all my skills: from engineering to web-design to video production. My group recently started the Manta Ray Advocacy movement. The Manta Ray activity is over-capacity and and
as a result the mantas are getting hurt. My small team has the means, knowledge and imagery to make a difference. Learn more here!

Our intention for sharing this footage:

1. You can make a difference every day, even if you don’t see the result immediately. Who would have thought that Notch from being in trouble with the (man-made) fishing line entanglement would end up thriving and procreate?
2. We can co-exist with other creatures. Although humans know so much, they only know so little.
3. The footage is very beautiful and enjoyable to watch.
4. Our company’s mission statement is:
Inspiring, educating and transforming public consciousness with
stunning imagery
“.  We feel we are delivering and are planning to continue on this path.

Share this post, let us go viral, contribute $5!

Best wishes for 2015.
Martina Wing

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