GoPro really is NoPro…at night…in the ocean!   A comedy and thoughtful reminder of what happens to guests when they bring their cameras. We have seen it all 🙂

Our famous Manta Ray Experience in Kona, Hawaii is considered a bucket list item and a MUST for ocean goers and Manta Ray Lovers. People from all over the world travel to this exotic destination to get an up-close encounter with the beautiful and mesmerizing gentle giants of the sea.

Too many times we encountered divers and snorkelers over-tasking themselves with photography while they should enjoy this incredible and unique nature spectacle. Handling a camera on the ocean is challenging.  Learn what can go wrong! We want to encourage you to give the Manta Rays your full attention.

Since 1991, our team is specialized to film this dive. With the increased use of underwater cameras (everyone has one), we feel that the guests are missing out on the manta show.  Recently we were visited by the rarest mammal in the US, the Hawaiian Monk Seal, and one diver didn’t even see it because he was busy with his camera (see Minute 1:54)

We want to encourage everyone who participates to check with us at before embarking onto this Experience of a Lifetime.
Let us worry about the photography. Don’t miss the show.

If you visited already, then check out the nightly videos and photos available in our online store.

On a personal note: GoPro did it. Their marketing is excellent and these little cameras have produced amazing stuff. I guess every professional photographer goes thru the motions of losing business to today’s selfie world.
But we have a saying in the diving industry: “A GoPro makes a bad diver a dangerous diver (to himself and others)”. Mistakes on scuba or snorkeling can cost you dearly and I wish there would be more emphasis on safety than taking your own picture.
I wanted to create this promo for a long time. A big Mahalo to my team members for producing it with me. This was a lot of fun and Adam Fram: you are a real “talent” 🙂

With Aloha
Martina Wing
Manta Ray Advocate
& Professional Underwater Photographer

P.S. ….and for everyone preparing to come to Kona, click here to get our “FREE GUIDE to the Manta Ray Experience – 25 Essentials to get the most from this Adventure of a Lifetime”.

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