RAREST MAMMAL in USA sighted at Manta Ray Night Dive in Kona Hawaii!

Waimanu – a Hawaiian Monk seal – was seen at “Manta Ray Heaven” a few times over the past few weeks, but always on the dark outskirts. Saturday and Sunday night, we captured NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN footage of Waimanu swimming through the dive site while the Manta Rays were feeding on plankton.

The Hawaiian Monk seal is considered a critically endangered animal with a population of approximately 1100. Most Hawaiian Monk Seals live around the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands; only a few populate the main Hawaiian Islands. Three monk seals inhabit the Big Island and Waimanu – the only female – is currently pregnant.

Ryan, our newest team member Adam and myself captured a truly breathtaking encounter.

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Learn more about protecting Hawaiian Monk Seals: www.NOAA.gov

UPDATE March 6: Within 4 days the video already made it onto Yahoo.com/GrindTV.com, KHON2 and Hawaii News Now!!!

This is so exciting – lots of Aloha
Martina, Jim, Ryan and Adam

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